Studio Legale Castaldo

Studio Legale Cataldo was foundend in Naples by Andrea R. Castaldo, Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Salerno.
The firm comprises a number of professionals working from Head Office, and external consultants specialising in different fields. Thanks to its network of consultants, the firm is able to provide qualified legal assistance in areas outside criminal law and at international level.
Our strengths are technical expertise, personal attention to the client and professionalism in the management of all aspects of a case.
SLC has important partnerships with national and foreign institutions, including the “Osservatorio Giuridico sulla Criminalità Economica” - the OGCE in Salerno (Legal Observatory on Economic Crime), the “International Center of Economic Penal Studies” (ICEPS - New York) and the Centro Sul Americano de Justiça Penal e Prevenção da Criminalidade - São Paulo.
Prof. Castaldo founded and chairs the OGCE and holds the position of ICEPS Secretary General for Europe.
In addition to the Naples office, the firm has branches in Milan and Munich so as to ensure maximum flexibility and dynamism in client management in the local area.


Via Cesario Console, 3
+39 081 7641742
+39 081 18921910

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Corso di Porta Vittoria, 8

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Tengstrasse, 38

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